Issue #21 / January 2019

Dear Nick – and All Ingrates Who Don’t Appreciate Nocturama, Issue #20 might be a fun little read but please kindly note that you’re all in my burn-book now for spitting on Nocturama, which I love with a capital L. I’ve taken Nocturama with me to battles; it has whispered and screamed me to sleep; it has proven to be a true friend through assorted trials – when and where all other musicks failed; it is a lot of things, not one thing, it conjures the night during the day and the day during endless-seeming nights; it is of thresholds, nether-places, about leaps of faith, the bravery of leaving old riches and old rots behind; and I shall front its detractors and enemies, alone if needs be, until the day I die – and am buried while they play Bring It On. Whatever did you think. Nocturama is not a failure. It is a breakthrough. It is a musical monument marking rebirth. It is alive. End of Declaration of War and Testament of Greatness.


Dear Burcu,


Love, Nick


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