Issue #203 / August 2022

You don’t usually stay away from The Red Hand Files this long without pre announcing it, so I’m writing to make sure that you are well.
Your last Issue (#202) was very beautiful and moving. I think such complete opening of one’s soul must be emotionally exhausting. It would be comprehensible if you needed a pause from writing after a letter like that. I also keep seeing great footage of your tour on social media, and it is incredible how you keep giving your maximum, date after date. That must be very exhausting too, given that you’ve been on tour for a long time now. So my question for you today is simply: How are you?


Dear Natasha,

I’m fine, I think, as far as zombies go. I’ve been on tour for three months and although I read all the questions that come in, I just can’t get it together to write a response. A Red Hand File requires not so much an emotional resilience as a certain amount of energy and the capacity to think. Long tours with constant travel rob you of these things, I’m afraid. In short, Natasha, I’m fucked. Happily, this has not affected the shows, which have been such a pure and uncomplicated joy!

I’m taking a holiday in a few weeks, once the tour has finished, and I’ll write to you all then. Thank you for your concern and your very kind words, and please bear with me.

Love, Nick






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