Issue #60 / September 2019

I attended your Symphony in August and was moved to tears. I think of you and your family often. Will you write us a poem about how much you love Susie?


Dear Hannah,


She sleeps and dreams to be before
She seems to go there more and more
She turns her back but not with any malice

She says she dreams of beasts run wild
That circle around a rainbow child
Cavorting through a many-roomed palace

And sometimes a black witch flies by
With a wrath that blackens the entire sky
The beasts all watch through a special telescope

And in time I leave her there and go
To the world clawing against the window
Hey, I’m not saying there isn’t any hope

For I can see a moment in between
The waking horror and the sleeping dream
Where the world and she are breathless beautiful
Where the world and she are breathless beautiful

Love, Nick


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