Issue #256 / October 2023

Today a new war broke in my country. My boyfriend and me woke up at 6:30 from a sound of a loud siren. We live in suburb close to Tel Aviv. Today is actually a traditional holiday for the jews and it is also Sabbath. Thousands of missiles were thrown on the southern and centre areas of Israel. The news is terrible. Hundreds of young people who celebrated in techno party in nature were slaughtered. Many of them killed and many were kidnapped to Gaza. Many civilians who live in “Kibbutz” that close to the border were shot, many of them are old people who established those Kibbutzim. I always took part in left demonstrations and Jewish-Arab activities. For 8 months we are taking part in massive demonstrations against prime minister Netanyahu and his worst parliament. But now, my hope is almost gone. The stories keep coming out and it looks like a nightmare.



Dear Yael,

It is with a heavy heart that I read your letter and watch the atrocities against Israel unfolding. I send all my love and thoughts to everyone affected by these horrific and devastating events.

Love, Nick




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