Issue #148 / May 2021

Dear Nick,

Thank you for sending her to me! I must say, it was a bit awkward at first; establishing a relationship with this new being of a kind that I had never known before. Especially because even though I could tell she was weak, I did not have any idea as to what she needed to feel well and safe. I was scared, for I did not want to make things worse. But strangely – although she never spoke to me with human words and thus far I don’t speak dragon – it seems like her needs, even her entire being, are directly on the surface! With every breath, through the ‘open-and-close’ movement of her scales, she communicates through the surface of her skin. It seems as if what she has to tell, thus travels through the air and into the pores of my own skin. And then I just know.

Anyway, I am so glad to have her with me and although in many ways she is still a mystery to me, there is so much in who she is that I find inspirational!

A trip to Croatia is nearing and I plan to take her with me. She seems to have gained quite some strength and I like to think that a change of environment may do her good. The village is quiet and surrounded by forests, mountains, streams and rivers and a lake, and she may even encounter some wildlife. I do have a good feeling about her meeting the kids, for they are still young enough to be able to tune in with her without too much distraction of self-reflection. What do you think? I am very sure it will do them good to meet a dragon.

Thanks again. If it wasn’t for you, I might have never noticed her when she passed me. So much that I would have missed.

All the best and we send you love


Dear Els,

First let me enlighten those unfamiliar with my epic poem, The Sick Bag Song, that chronicles The Bad Seeds’ 2014 North American tour. In Edmonton, Alberta, I find, under a bridge by the mighty Saskatchewan River, a small, sick she-dragon. I carry her back to the hotel and attempt to revive her, but during the night the dragon dies. I dispose of her body the next morning, wrapping her in a blanket and dropping her over the Interstate Bridge, before heading across the border to Seattle. I thought that was the last I would see of her.

Thus, I am delighted to read your letter, to find that the she-dragon was not dead after all and that she has found someone to take care of her. Yes, by all means introduce her to the kids, they are miraculously receptive to such things. Explain both what you have observed about her biology and her imaginary aspect — these two things are not incompatible. Remember, to beguile a child, in good faith, is always to be encouraged. Make sure they are gentle with the dragon though, she has travelled a great distance and has been through a considerable ordeal.

I am genuinely touched that you have taken stewardship of her. I pray all my ideas are attended to with such care and devotion.

Love, Nick


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