Issue #17 / January 2019

Hang on a minute. 72 hours to the end of the world, and you contact Rachel to send out an email? One would imagine that, however well you hopefully treat her, she would have the presence of mind to tell you to send your own damn emails. Why doesn’t Rachel get a break at the end of the world?


Dear Cindy,

If you were ever to apply for a job as a personal assistant and in the interview your potential employer asks you the following question –

“If the world was going to end in 72 hours and I asked you to send a short email, what would your reply be?

A) Consider it done.

B) Send your own damn email.”

– my advice would be to choose option A.

Actually, I asked Rachel, my assistant of twenty years, if, in fact, she would send the email if there was only 72 hours left before the end of the world, and she said no, she wouldn’t, because she’d probably be picking up my dry cleaning.

With Love, Nick


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