Issue #241 / June 2023

Your sartorial splendour is legend but are there secret trakkie daks and uggies? As a woman at the wrong end of 50 my greatest joy is arriving home taking off my bra and slipping on the jarmies…do you have an equivalent pleasure ritual at the end of a long day?


Dear Lonnie,

Believe me, I can relate! When that special hour comes (6pm for me) and I close my notebook and laptop, I shut my eyes for a moment in gratitude and acknowledge the feeling of a job well done, thanking my muse for the gifts bestowed upon me. Then I allow that delightful weariness to wash over me, happy that the most cherished time of the day is upon me – when I too can take off my bra and put on my jarmies. Aaaaah.

Love, Nick


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