Issue #255 / October 2023

I’ve noticed that you have performed a new song during two concerts on the ongoing tour. Is it the same song and will it be on the new album?


What is the new song you played in Chicago? It didn’t have a title. It was spellbinding.


Dear Peter and Ansel,

When I’m working on an album with The Bad Seeds, I occasionally record a song alone at the piano. Stylistically, these songs usually sit outside the new record and they are generally fragmentary things, circular in shape, softly sung, unspectacular and unformed. There is little love for them from the band, and they aren’t strong enough to compete with the larger, more imposing songs – consequently they tend to fall by the wayside.

When I listen back to the recordings, Ill come across one or two of these songs, languishing in some forgotten corner, and I will find myself secretly moved by their unassuming loveliness. As a result I become very attached to them. Euthanasia’, which I played in Asheville, is a song that I wrote around the time of Skeleton Tree, and is a perfect example — dismissed at the time, it has now become one of my favourites.

The song that I played in Chicago is another such song, but this one didnt survive long enough to even warrant a title. The words are –


Sometimes I see you in the morning

When the dew is on the ground

And I know that it will always be so

In the morning when the dew is on the ground


And sometimes I see you in the evening

When the sky makes no sound

And I know that I will always love you

In the morning when the dew is on the ground

And the evening when the sky makes no sound

And when the waters cover the ocean

And when the waters cover the ground

And the sun, it rises, and turns to you

In order to be found


The sentiment is simple and softly spoken, the song unable to even declare its name, but still it is a special song, full of unspecified emotional impact and a great pleasure to play. Ansel, I am glad you enjoyed it. I think Ill call the song ‘To Be Found’.

Love, Nick


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