Issue #144 / April 2021

This is a spontaneous question: Is it you, that stepped into the vortex just 10 minutes ago? It’s a non-official account and my guess is, someone is cheating on us. So I am / we are wondering…

Anyway: Happy Birthday BAD SEED TEE VEE and thank you so much for this best place on the internet!


Dear Anita/Veganita,

Yes, I did step into the Vortex today and I’m blown away by the new videos that have been made. The version of ‘The Jam’ is an extraordinarily complex achievement, ‘Steve McQueen’ is deeply and humanly moving, and the videos for the ‘Carnage’ songs are a beautiful act of rescue. I loved the haikus, and the very sweet kiddie’s graphic escapade of ‘Balcony Man’. The already deeply worrying ‘Kitchenette’ has been made even more deeply worrying, and the version of ‘Vortex’ is gorgeous. As far as I’m concerned, all are advancements on the originals.

I think it was Katrine who mentioned in the chat that great things were done in lockdown. Well, this is lockdown’s near forbidden secret and terrible truth — that at the heart of grief, and midst mayhem, carnage and deep sadness, people do beautiful things.

Love, Nick


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