Issue #111 / August 2020

Rather than ask you a question, I’d like to ask you to do something. I think you’ll be touched by this story, and the part you play in it. Please take a look.

Thanks for inspiring.


Dear Nic,

This is so good. The band are great. I love the slow crawl of the song, the backing vocals coming in half way, and everything kicking in at 3:15. Genuinely thrilling.

And Tyler’s writing is something else.


‘The wolf who wins?

The one you feed’


— is about as smart and as true as something can be, and the final verse


‘Playing on my heartstrings

You never pour your picky jealousy

Onto my growing love for you

Help me beat my way to you’


— is as good as it gets. That last line!


‘Help me beat my way to you’



Love, Nick


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