Issue #134 / February 2021

I am off the acid, not for any particular reason. It’s funny though because I have all these tabs left over, and I didn’t want my wife to chuck em when I went away, so I hid them in a jar of Vegemite. This is for 2 reasons, the first being she despises Vegemite. The second is because you should always refrigerate your acid, stops the good stuff from evaporating out of it. You should tell your readers that, by the way – who knows how much good acid has been ruined by unknowingly leaving the acid in a warm environment.



Dear Dave,

If there is one thing that every self-respecting Australian knows, it’s don’t put Vegemite in the fridge. It’s just not done. Ever. It’s a fucking travesty. If your wife is Australian, it will be self-evident that something deeply shady is going on. It’s like hiding your drugs in a shoe and then putting the shoe in the microwave. It’s a dead giveaway. My advice to you — change the vessel.

Love, Nick








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