Issue #253 / September 2023

Happy Red Hand File-iversary, Nick! Better and redder with each passing year! Thank you very kindly for adding your best two cents to each meaningful issue.


Dear Neill,

Yes, The Red Hand Files is five years old this month! Five years of reading nearly 90,000 questions, and answering over 250 of them. And I actually feel like I am only just getting started! So many of the letters that I receive these days are such beautiful, curious things, full of longing and humour and sorrow and fierce joy, impacting the way I live my life to an extraordinary degree. To be honest, Im not quite sure what I would do without them.

Heartfelt thanks to you all for sticking with The Red Hand Files and for the many varied and honest questions. They are a delight to read. Heres to another five years of our ever stranger journey together!

Love, Nick


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