Issue #183 / February 2022

No question. Just can’t wait for your show in Austin.


When I watch you play live my soul is lifted but I am not sure what that even means. It feels religious! What is the soul? See you in Montreal!


Dear Jane and Reese,

The soul is the condition of the body that gives our lives meaning. When the soul is energized our spirits are literally lifted, and we can participate in what could be called a religious experience. Music is the supreme exemplar of art as pure meaning because it directly animates the soul. All other art forms aspire to the religious condition but music is the utmost conduit to the truly transcendent encounter.

To walk on stage and perform a series of songs is an attempt to invigorate the collective soul of an audience. Whatever is happening to the soul of the audience is also happening to the soul of the performer. This mutuality is a circular and escalating intaking and outpouring of love. It is, by its very nature, a religious experience because it is in the service of a greater transcendent goodness. It is truth.

The lifting of the soul is universal and can be experienced in any opera house or rock nroll dive in the world and is, in my opinion, a legitimate religious experience. It is not an imitation.

Warren and I start rehearsing for our North American tour tomorrow. Jane, Reese, we cant wait.

Love, Nick


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