Issue #250 / August 2023

… Can you recommend a chronological list of songs to help me get started?


…What should I listen to?



…Can you do a playlist of 15 of your best songs to get me started?


Dear all,

Last month I posted questions from three people – Aotearoa, Adrian and Daphne – who were looking for a way to navigate my immense and bewildering back catalogue. Daphne asked me to make a playlist of 15 of the finest songs to get her started. Feeling not best placed to judge, I instead turned to the readers of The Red Hand Files for help, asking you to send in playlists of your 15 favourite songs. The response was overwhelming and well over two thousand playlists have come in so far (please stop sending them now!). Fearing drowning in my own songs, I handed the lists over to my team, who fed them into ChatGPT – that handy little data-cruncher! — which sorted through the responses and ranked the top 15.

Here is the ranked list –

  1. Jubilee Street
  2. Into My Arms
  3. From Her To Eternity
  4. The Ship Song
  5. Tupelo
  6. The Mercy Seat
  7. Stagger Lee
  8. Push The Sky Away
  9. The Weeping Song
  10. Higgs Boson Blues
  11. Red Right Hand
  12. Ghosteen
  13. Bright Horses
  14. Straight To You
  15. O Children

So, a big thanks to everyone who sent in their playlists! Im sure Aotearoa, Adrian and Daphne and will find this of great help.

Love, Nick


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