Issue #259 / November 2023

We met last night. At a book signing in LA. Also saw you perform the previous night. At both events, I noticed your generosity towards all of the folks that were there to see you. You were genuinely interested in meeting every single one, or at least it appeared that way. Do these direct interactions ever feel as bizarre for you as they do for us?


I met you yesterday at a book signing in LA. I must say you were even more terrifying than I had imagined. I babbled some nonsense to you because I was scared and you said “Thank you, Sir” despite me being a woman and that was that. I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do and everything you are, but again I was scared and you seemed bored and tired. Meeting you is the greatest thing that will ever happen to me so thank you for that.



What did you do after the last gig of the tour? It must have been so exhilarating. Such a high! What did you do?


Dear Jose, Karina and Callum,

After I stepped off stage at the final show, I changed from my grey suit into a blue suit, ate some seafood with Colin, and then headed to the aftershow where I hung out with some old friends for an hour or so before going back to the hotel with Susie. We stayed up for a few hours and then tried to sleep, but I was hyped up so I took a sleeping pill at 4am — which was a dumb idea because I had an interview that morning with Rick Rubin for his podcast. Anyway, when I woke up I put on a grey suit, jumped into the car with my driver to go to Malibu, did Rick’s podcast (which could turn out quite interesting as I’m not sure the sleeping pill had completely worn off), then started back to L.A. In the car I began to feel a bit rough, so we parked up at Zuma Beach where I threw off my clothes and jumped into the sea in an unsuccessful attempt to restore myself, then we carried on to the hotel where I changed from my grey suit into a blue suit before heading to Book Soup for the signing. This is where I met you, Jose, and misgendered you, Karina. After the signing, I returned to the hotel feeling tired and weird, sat up with Susie for a while, went to bed, woke up about 2am, threw up in the sink and collapsed unconscious on the bathroom floor. Susie found me there and hauled me back to bed, my assistant was called to the hotel, some extremely handsome emergency paramedics turned up, a lovely nurse arrived and fixed me to a drip and later I spoke to an eighty-nine year old saint of a doctor who diagnosed an acute gastro event.

It is now three days later and I’m sitting up in my hotel bed feeling a hell of a lot better and writing to tell you, Karina, that though I may have been tired at the book signing, and maybe even scary, I was never for a moment bored. People are too interesting for that. I like them, people. In fact I mostly love them. Be well all of you.

Love, Nick


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