Issue #206 / October 2022

As one of your most consistent supporters who has followed every artistic move that you’ve made, I can’t read your new book or your letters, I can’t look at your social media and I can’t even listen to your music. Something I have always done since I know myself. I, we, have been supporting you all the way, in good and bad. But your silence left us feel alone. I know you don’t need mine or my fellow Iranians support, but for now, with all sadness, I step back.


Dear Solmaz,

The Iranian people have been in my thoughts throughout the protests that have followed the killing of Mahsa Amini. I fully support the brave women of Iran, who are fighting and dying on the streets for their basic freedom and dignity, and the men who stand with them. I am in awe of their courage and pray for their safety.

With much love, Nick





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